Expectations of Parents/Guardians

We expect parents/guardians to support and encourage our joint effort. We expect parents/guardians to have their student in school every day, on time; to monitor their progress; and to check with us if concerns arise. If concerns arise or if there is something that we should know that might be helpful, parents/guardians should not hesitate to call a teacher, counselor, department chair, the assistant principal, or the principal.

If their student is experiencing difficulties, parents are encouraged to be patient and present. When a son or daughter has encountered a difficulty at school or elsewhere, he/she probably does not need more criticism and threats. Attentive listening, open trust, and support through presence make all the difference in the world. Stand with the student through the struggles.

We expect parent support and participation in the parent advisory group and for school athletic and co-/extra curricular activities.

Expectations of Students

We expect you to be in class every day and on time, prepared for the day’s activities. We expect that you will study an average of three hours a day preparing for your classes: reading materials, writing essays, and completing assignments and projects. We expect you to dive into the Lindblom experience with enthusiasm, energy, and commitment. Lindblom Math & Science Academy is a college preparatory high school. It prepares for the future, college, and life after college; however, we suggest that Lindblom is more than mere preparation for what is to come; rather it is an experience that will be richer the more you become active in the life and activities of the school and community. Your actions will create the culture and climate for yourselves and your classmates.

Responsibility to Lindblom

Lindblom is a wonderful school in a wonderful building, with a mission to move students forward. Students have incredible responsibilities: responsibility to the history and alumni, responsibility to other members of the school community and responsibility to the students who are to follow. To make certain that Lindblom grows as an outstanding educational institution, students are expected to report any act that seeks to diminish the culture, disrupt the climate or tarnish the school’s reputation.