Academic Center

AC After School Activities options for 2019 2020

Looking to be more involved in the school?  Lindblom offers a wide variety of sports, clubs, and programs for Academic Center students.  


As a courtesy to our families, Lindblom is open until 7:00 pm each school day.  If students are not departing on the provided AC shuttle busses at 3:20, we have organized a variety of activities to keep students engaged while they wait for their rides.  These options include:

  • CPS Score sports programs including volleyball, track, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

  • A full menu of clubs, tutoring, and enrichment programs (calendar displayed below)

  • The Lindblom library (open until 5:30 pm each day).  

In order to maintain a safe academic environment during the extended school hours, all students must proceed to their chosen activity or the library by 3:30 pm.  Students are not permitted to hang out in the halls, stairwells, or other non-supervised spaces after this time.