Academic Center
Below are the route times for the 2019 2020 School Year.

Please reference daily. Expect pick-up time changes and HEAVY DELAYS the first week of school.

Pick-Up Locations Protocol:
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supervise their student at the assigned location . Elementary schools sites are not obligated to house the student as they wait for the bus to arrive.

Buses depart Lindblom at 3:20pm. from Door 9. Door 9 is located on Winchester Avenue (behind the school).

Student Expectations:
Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully while riding the bus. Students are not allowed to eat, drink, or participate in horseplay on the bus. In addition, students need to remain seated (with seat belts fastened) while the bus is in motion. Students who consistently participate in unruly behavior will be barred from using the transportation service.

Expect delays and possible pickup times the first week of school. There are no "bus attendants/monitors" at the school locations. Locations also are not responsible for "housing" students. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure students board the bus. .

Alltown Bus Company (773) 248-0090 (UPDATED)

​​​​​​​(Route 1)
Jane Addams Elementary 10810 South Ave H (*6:36am)
Coles Elementary 8441 South Yates Ave (*6:51am)
Deneen Elementary 7240 south Wabash * (7:15am am)

(Route 3)
Cullen Elementary 10650 South Eberhart Ave 6:35am**
Clissold Elementary 2350 West 110th Place 6:55am**
Barton Elementary 7650 South Wolcott 7:15am**

(Route 4)
Hale Elementary 6140 South Melvina Ave 7:07am - 7:17am
Stevenson Elementary 8010 South Kostner Ave 7:21am - 7:31am
Hampton Elementary 3434 West 77th Street 7:27am - 7:37am

Sunrise Transportation: (773) 224-8050

Route 1:
Sutherland 10015 South Leavitt 6:54 am
Foster Park 8530 South Wood 7:18 am
Carroll 2929 West 83rd Street 7:24 am

Route 51:
Peck 3826 west 58th Street 7:02 am
Route 53:
Niel Elementary 8555 South Michigan 7:13 am

Illinois Central Bus Company 773-924-5840

Webster Elementary 4055 W. Arthington 6:52am - 7:02am
Orozco 1940 W 18th Street., 6:38am - 6:48am
Woodson 4414 South Evans 7:02am - 7:12am
Ray 5631 South Kimbark 7:20am - 7:30am