Proficiency Based Learning (PBL)

Students have the ability to sign up for their flex classes for the coming colloquium until 2 calendar days before the colloquium day at 4 PM.

If the colloquium day is on a Wednesday, then students have until Monday at 4 PM. If the colloquium day is on a Friday, then students have until Wednesday at 4 PM.

You can watch the linked video to learn how to help them sign up for classes. Students should be selecting courses that pinpoint areas:
  • where they need support.
  • to help them express their strengths through enrichment!
As always, we encourage students to only select 1:
  • study hall,
  • group work study hall, or
  • open quiet library
to ensure they are using their time well to gain support from their teachers. Please help your child to make this choice!

If you have any more questions about flex schedules, please reach out to Mrs. Boudreau @