Colloquium Long Block Course Registration for the Spring Semester!

Students will be able to begin registration for Spring Semester colloquium courses starting on December 17th! Colloquium is the long block course that remains the same for the whole semester and has a weight of .25 credits. Your child has to select a course or sign off on the course that was selected for them by 12/21/2019.

Registration rollout:

  • Seniors - Tuesday, 12/17/2019

  • Juniors / Sophomores - Wednesday, 12/18/2019

  • Freshmen - Thursday, 12/19/2019

  • 8th / 7th - Friday, 12/20/2019

Students will be able to register from ANYWHERE and do not need to be on campus to select a course.

What is Colloquium Day?

A day to celebrate project based learning at its finest, Colloquium Day at Lindblom is a long standing tradition that is our answer to the block schedule's odd day. On these special days, students engage in flexible programming, seeing their teachers for support and enriching flex periods that change week to week. This day is also when we offer our 200 minute long Colloquium block that engages students in project based learning centered in Community Outreach, Arts, Creation, STEM, and Athletics. Peruse the 2019-2020 Colloquium Course Catalog​​​​​​​ for more information about courses off during this long block.

Students register for their own colloquium course for each semester. Registration for the Fall Semester of 2019 is CLOSED. Only schedule change requests can be made at this point and they must be done by appointment (see below).

Spring Semester of the 19-20SY will open on December 11, 2019 and will close December 20, 2019. ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER USING THE GOOGLE FORM even if they already have a colloquium selected from a previous semester.

How Can I Request a Colloquium Schedule Change?

Students may only request schedule changes to their Colloquium Courses the first week of school and during orientation. Most of these changes will NOT be honored, as the Colloquium Registration is run every semester and students vy for seats in classes and space is limited.

Sign up for a 10 minute meeting slot with Mrs. Boudreau to request a colloquium schedule change.

Note: If a student is requesting a change into a class that requires instructor approval, the change will not be honored until there is a written approval of that students' entry into the course by the instructor to Mrs. Boudreau.

What is a Flex Schedule?

Students have the opportunity each Colloquium Day to register for appointments for support, enrichment, or outreach with specific teachers during 1 of 4 flex periods. To view teacher availability, check this Colloquium Matrix.

Students will use the application Enriching Students to register for flex appointments. Note that through Enriching Students students will be able to view their flex classes for the week, view a quick reference of their grades by performance indicator from, and select or request placement into courses for the upcoming Colloquium day. 

Students must use their CPS id and password after clicking the "log on with Google" link on the homepage for Enriching Students. 

REGISTRATION FOR EACH COLLOQUIUM DAY ENDS 48 hours before the start of that colloquium day. If you are ever questioning if you can register, log on and you will be able to see right away if you can select a class or not. Students will use time during advisory to register for classes, but can register on their phones, devices, or any computer on or offsite at all times of the day and night.

Students who choose not to register for flex classes will be pulled into a flex class where they will be taught how to register for the first 2 colloquium days. After that, they will lose their privilege to register for flex classes and will be compulsorily enrolled into classes. This will also be reflected on their social emotional learning grade in