Principal's Message
Welcome to Lindblom Math & Science Academy, the most personalized learning environment in Chicago!

Lindblom is a unique place with a rich history. For years, Lindblom was a jewel on the southside of Chicago, turning out Chicago's top graduates. It fell on hard times in the 90's and went through a series of changes. In 2003, the Chicago Board of Education decided to close LIndblom and invest heavily in the school. Alan Mather had the vision and the honor to reopen Lindblom in 2005 and returned Lindblom to its greatness.

Today, we continue the tradition of greatness by preparing students for success in college and beyond. Lindblom consistently ensures that its graduates have the academic foundation in place to provide them with multiple collegiate options and the funding options necessary to make their collegiate aspirations a reality.

The academic foundation is a result of the amazing parents, amazing teachers and the collaboration between students, parents and the teachers to push students beyond their comfort zone. Lindblom provides students clear and precise guidance so that students can articulate what they know and where their growth opportunities are. We provide this guidance through Proficiency Based Learning.

We provide students with the opportunity to develop their academic and social skills both inside and outside of the classroom through our colloquium program which provides both academic support but also enrichment opportunities that take student out into the community.

We have an ongoing partnership with Baxter International and Northwestern University which provides unique science and math opportunities. As a result of the partnership, Lindblom has two Northwestern staff members on site supporting our Science department.

We have the most engaged and supportive alumni of any school. Our annual career day has had over 60 alumni returning to share their stories of high school and life after with our current Eagles. It is always a powerful day. Our alumni support the seniors in many ways including finding internships, being guest speakers in classes, and providing scholarships to our graduates.

Lindblom is a great school for many reasons; these are just a few. I hope you will come by and see what Lindblom has to offer!

Swoop! Swoop!
Wayne J. Bevis, Principal